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Public Announcements


Friends of Rolfe Public Library

Coffee Hour

Wednesdays at 10 am

Join Us!


 St. Paul's Lutheran Church

devotions by Pastor Don Bell can be heard at:


He will be planning to put new devotions on daily.




Due to the ongoing situations with the COVID virus, the Mann family has decided to postpone our dads’  (Rollie) graveside services and get together until a later date. 


Thank you-   Mike, LeRoy, & Dawn




The tree pile is now open please be aware of the new rules and layout. Failure to obey will cause the tree pile to be locked and only accessed with permission.



From the City of Rolfe


Know what to and what NOT to flush down your toilet!


The Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is reminding Iowans of the importance of flushing ONLY toilet paper and human waste down toilets to avoid disruption of sewer systems.


The DNR recognizes the temporary shortage of toilet paper products during the Covid-19 outbreak, but warns items such as flushable wipes, disinfecting wipes, surface cleaning wipes, baby wipes, even though advertised as flushable, are not recommended for disposal by flushing down a toilet. Diapers, paper towels, tissues and feminine hygiene products should also not be flushed down toilets.

Even though these products may not clog your sewer system at your residence, when deposited together, in an entire community, can pose a serious risk of overwhelming a community’s sewer system. If a sewer system is clogged, it can lead to backups of sewage into residences and overflows into the environment. Additionally, it can cause pump failures and lead to several hours of repairs and expenses to city wastewater systems.

Residents are encouraged to dispose of the items in bags and dispose in the trash.






 City of Rolfe mowing ordinance now in place.

Grass can be no taller than 6 inches.

Do NOT blow clippings into the street.




 Rolfe Flower Bin

Monday through Saturday

9 am to 5 pm



 Rolfe Clean Up Days are postponed until further notice due to the Covid - 19 virus.




 St. Paul's Lutheran church will be having a drive in worship service on Sundays at 10:30 am. Please park in the front of the church or at an angle on the west.



 Tom Kleespies

656 Timothy Drive

Longmont, CO 80503


Please send well wishes to Tom as he recuperates.