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Public Announcements

Rolfe Public Library Friends hosts coffee hour each Wednesday at 10 am. Great fellowship & programs. Goodies too!

 Rolfe Public Library Readers Group

Monday February 25th 7pm

The Residence:Inside the Private World of the White House

by Kate Andersen Brower

Stop in to pick up a copy!


Reminder to residents that you cannot park within 20 feet of an intersection or stop sign. This ensures that all vehicles and pedestrians can safely observe any hazards and other vehicles.

 Thank you to everyone that attended and supported the Sweets for Scott benefit.

We are truly grateful for the kindness of the community.

Scott and Julie Lancaster




 Rolfe City Hall will be closed Monday February 18th in honor of President's Day. Garbage and recycling will be picked up Tuesday February 19th. 


The tree pile is now open please be aware of the new rules and layout. Failure to obey will cause the tree pile to be locked and only accessed with permission.






 Rolfe Snow Removal Ordinance Now in Effect

Through April 30th. All cars need to be off the streets & alleys until snow has ceased to fall ^ removed. 

Residential sidewalks need to have snow removed within 48 hours. Commercial sidewalks 24 hours after snow has ceased to fall. NO blowing of snow into the street.


Note to Residents for the extreme cold days approaching.


With this cold weather storm about to hit there's a few things you can do to keep your house warm and protect your furnace.

1: Change your filter today. 1" filters need replaced once a month on average. 4-5" filters can stretch out to 3-5 months depending on use.

2: Set your thermostat to 71* or 72*. Sounds cool but when its 32 or below outside that's still a lot warmer. You need to give your furnace a break every once in a while and keeping it set at high temps will put a lot of ware on it possibly causing it to fail.

3: Layer up. Wear long pants, long shirts, slippers and socks in the house.

4: Try to avoid opening outside doors a lot. Definitely when the furnace is on. Remember when your blower motor is going your house acts like a vacuum. As soon as you open that door in pulls all that cold air into your house.

5: Keep bedroom and bathroom doors open. The way a furnace works is that it needs to pull the air from each room through the return vents, condition it then move it out through the supply vents. If you restrict that flow by keeping doors closed you will create cold spots.

6: If you have electric heat IE heat pump and airhandler and heat is not keeping up manually switch your thermostat heat mode to emergency heat "emHeat" and contact your HVAC provider as there may be an issue with the heat pump.

7: Check your outside exhaust vent and gas meter make sure it is clear from ice and snow, to adequately vent your furnace

8: Contact your HVAC provider if you feel your furnace is not working properly or have any other concerns.


Also to avoid pipes freezing up, any faucet inside but attached to an exterior wall, keep cupboards open or let the faucet trickle just a little bit until the extreme cold has passed.