Minutes 04/14/2014

Rolfe Regular Council Meeting

Monday, April 14, 2014

Rolfe Community Center, 6:30pm




Mayor Lancaster called the meeting to order at6:30pm. Council present Carl Struve, Dan Allen, Joe Ramaekers and Tom Andersen, Al Kuchenreuther absent.  Ramaekers/Struve moved to approve the consent agenda including agenda, minutes and bills.  All ayes. Carried.  Allen/Struve moved to approve building permit for Joe Ramaekers.  Ayes: Struve, Allen and Andersen. Ramaekers abstained due to conflict of interest.

De Sindergard gave treasure’s report.  Daily transactions, accounts payable and payroll appear to be fine.  Ramaekers/Struve moved to approve treasurer’s report.  All ayes. Carried.

Mayor commented we as elected officials and city employees represent the city and if they should be a problem to come to her.

Clerk commented about an upcoming informative meeting held by MIDAS let her know if anybody would like to attend.  No council comments.

Citizen comments – Glenn Markley informed council that the Lions Club will be having a bicycle safety class on April 26th at 9am.  Jerry Christensen commented that city property should be clean to. 

Have had numerous dog complaints, trying to find and contact owners.

Unfinished Business – Fire board has not met yet to discuss heater with them.

New Business – No mosquito control bids at this time will revisit next meeting.

Mayor read Keep Rolfe Beautiful Proclamation proclaiming April is Keep Rolfe Beautiful Month.

Ramaekers explained that State forester was here and looked at trees on Railroad Street.  They need to be thinned out and the grass burned for new growth.  Allen/Struve moved to approve Hometown Pride to go in and mark trees to be cut down and give 45 days to be removed before the areas is burned.  Ayes: Allen, Struve and Andersen.  Ramaekers abstained due to conflict of interest.  Motion Carried.

Clerk gave update to council on meeting her and Dave Sandvig attended on the Emerald Ash Borer.

Clerk explained the situation on the house that was purchased on tax sale and the City has a lien on it.  Ramaekers/Struve moved to try and redeem the tax sale deed to try to recoup the City’s money.  All ayes. Carried.

Andersen/Allen regretfully accepts the resignation of Linda Booth from the Park and Recreation Board and appoints Shannon Peters to recent vacancy.  All ayes. Carried.

Allen/Andersen moved to approve the $1.00 wage increase to Penny Tilden and Terri Kipfer the Library Board approved.  All ayes. Carried.

Struve/Ramaekers moved to approve the CDBG sewer rehab expenses – Bolton and Menk,  Engineering Services through 1/15/2014, Total cost - $7,258.50, CDBG - $4,541.00, City - $2,717.50,  MIDAS, Administration through Feb 2014, Total Cost - $2,133.00, CDBG - $2,133.00, City – 0.00.  All ayes. Carried.

Old Bar amenities was discussed Mayor explained City Attorney said this was salvaged items and there is no monetary value associated with the items.

Andersen/Struve moved to leave recycling center at its current locations.  All ayes. Carried.

Water superintendent has concerns with residents tampering with the curb stops.  Mayor has resolved the issue at this time.

Discussion on nuisance vehicles and properties.  Mayor commented we should revisit the list of areas concerned.  Allen/Struve moved to pay $3000.00 to Jr. Boeckholdt to remove the nuisance house at 705 Des Moines Street that the City owns.  All ayes. Carried.

Ramaekers/Andersen moved to remove the mowing assessment at 206 Broad Street so RBI can take ownership.  All ayes. Carried.

Water Super gave bid on repairing storm water intakes. Discussion on repairs and funds.  Ramaekers/Struve moved to approve replacing the 6 intakes with the Pre-Cast Structure at $3,377.00 per intake.  All ayes. Carried.

Andersen/Allen moved to approve the job descriptions for City Clerk and Clerk Substitute/Treasurer.  All ayes. Carried.  Struve/Allen gave $1000.00 a day emergency spending limit to the Gas, Water, and Sewer utility.  All ayes. Carried.

Discussion on using a time clock.  More research needed revisit next meeting.

Nick Frederickson gave update on the progress of the new well.  Things are going as planned.  Completion will depend on the type of well pump needed and pit.

Ramaekers/Struve moved to adjourn at 7:55pm.  All ayes. Carried.


Julie Lancaster, Mayor


Angela Schneider, City Clerk