Minutes 05/02/2014

Rolfe Special Council Meeting

Friday May 2, 2014

Rolfe City Hall, 2:00pm


Mayor Lancaster called the meeting to order 2pm. Council present Carl Struve, Dan Allen, Joe Ramaekers and Tom Andersen, Al Kuchenreuther absent.

Curt Wiseman and Nick Frederiksen from I & S Group explained the situation with the new well that it is only pumping 40gpm. Klint Gingerich explained 2 solutions that could be up to reach a crevice.  First would be an acid treatment and the second would be an airburst method.  Recommends doing the air-burst method.  Neither method is a guarantee of getting a higher gpm.  Discussion on trying one of the methods or not doing anything at this time.  Engineer highly recommends fixing well now.  Struve/Andersen moved to use option #2 air-burst development of well at the cost of $29,500.00.  Ayes: Ramaekers, Allen, Andersen and Struve.  Motion carried.

Council read over information received today from Maquire Iron, Inc. on repairing the leak at the water tower.  Won’t know if the pipe will need to be repaired until they get the tower opened up.  Insulation will probably need to be repaired; clerk has notified the insurance company to see if any of the repairs are covered from insurance.  Struve/Allen moved to accept the emergency repair contract with Maquire Iron, Inc. in the amount of $32,690.00.  Ayes:  Ramaekers, Allen, Andersen and Struve.  Motion carried.

Mayor explained the issue with the water tower property and Dan Allen abstained from discussion due to conflict of interest. Bob Sweet a former city employee explained of a verbal agreement that was made between Dan Allen and the City of Rolfe.  At the time the water tower was built Dan Allen agreed to repair the ground and maintain the ground and that he could store his equipment there.  Andersen/Struve moved to continue agreement with Dan Allen indefinitely and to record agreement into the minutes.  Ayes: Ramaekers, Struve and Andersen.  Allen abstained due to conflict of interest.

Ramaekers/Allen moved to adjourn at 2:50pm.  All ayes. Carried.


Julie Lancaster, Mayor


Angela Schneider, City Clerk