Minutes 08/11/2014

Rolfe Regular Council Meeting

Monday, August 11, 2014

Rolfe Community Center, 6:30pm


Mayor Lancaster called the meeting to order at 6:30 pm.  Ramaekers/Struve moved to approve minutes with corrections, bills and building permit for Teresa Solbeck-Eddy, Bob Gray, St. Paul’s Lutheran Church and Curt Sindergard.   All ayes. Carried.  De Sindergard gave treasure’s report for May, June and July everything is fine.

Clerk commented on an upcoming class hosted by MIDAS for city clerks and council members and clerk and mayor pro-temp will be attending the Northern Natural Gas Conference.

Ramaekers commented that the benches that Hometown Pride Committee received a grant from have been placed in park areas.  Kuchenreuther commented that the pool was not being cleaned properly.

Mayor stated there was one complaint form on junk at property the city is already taking action on this property and another.

Chrystal Rasmuson from MIDAS Council of Governments reported the following regarding the status of the CDBG Housing Rehabilitation projects.   General description of accomplishments to date:Six homes have been rehabilitated to date.  A summary of expenditure to date; To daye, the City has expended a total of $201,213, including: $192,446, ($289,792) in CDBG funds, $5,400 ($5,400) in City funds, $3,367 in homeowner contributions.  Of that to date the following has been spent: $145,194 ($199,992) on rehabilitation construction; $9,470 ($16,000) on general administration; $21,148 ($24,800) on direct administration; $21,791 ($30,400) on lead hazard reduction; $938 ($8,000) on lead tests; $2,672 ($16,000) on temporary relocation.  A general description of the remaining work; and, There are no remaining project to complete.  The program expired March 31, 2014.  A general description of the changes made to the project budget, performance targets, activity schedules, project scope, location, objectives  or beneficiaries.  The City had requested a time extension for the program to October 31, 2014 in order to complete 1 – 2 remaining homes.  The Iowa Economic Development Authority did not grant the extension due to the project being open since 2008.  The city requested IEDA reconsider their decision, but they would not reconsider their decision.  Person(s) authorized to receive and respond to citizen proposals, questions and complaints concerning proposed or funded activities; Angie Schneider, City Clerk, 319 Garfield St., Rolfe, IA 50581, 712-848-3124 or Shirley Helgevold, MIDAD Council of Governments, 602 1st Ave. South, Fort Dodge, IA 50501, 515-576-7183 ext. 212.  Person(s) available and able to provide technical assistance to groups’ representative low and moderate income persons in preparing and presenting their proposals for the request and use of federal funds; Shirley Helgevold, MIDAD Council of Governments, 602 1st Ave. South, Fort Dodge, IA 50501, 515-576-7183 ext. 212.

Kuchenreuther/Ramaekers moved to approve starting the application process for CDBF Housing Rehabilitation funding.  All ayes. Carried.

Struve/Kuchenreuther moved to renew the liquor license for Rolfe Heartland.  All ayes. Carried.

Sid Enockson from the Pocahontas Sheriff’s Department  was here to give an update on camera.  Two options were given.  Allen had strong concerns with placing a camera in town. Discussion on the topic.  Concerns of rumors about the camera. Mayor stated the camera would be placed somewhere in town, and we should continue to work with Sheriff.

Struve/Allen moved to not allow the camera to be placed on city property by previous resolution.   Ayes:   Allen, Struve.  Nays:  Ramaekers.   Andersen and Kuchenreuther were undecided.  Due to parliamentary rules during a motion all majority present need to place a vote.  Andresen and Kuchenreuther’s undecided vote will be counted as a nay vote.  Motion fails.

Discussion of grass being killed while spraying for weeds.  Mayor advised we will only address written complaints.  This matter can be resolved internally.

Discussion on concerns of rodeo grounds after rodeo, again no written complaint was made.  Mayor has talked with Rodeo and they have plans when they get help to repair ruts.

Ramaekers/Andersen moved to approve selling and hold public hearing on selling lot located at 705 Des Moines Ave, by sealed bids with an option to upset bids after opening.  Bids must be received to city hall by September 5th, 2014 by 4pm.  All ayes . Carried.

Kuchenreuther/Ramaekers moved to approve Resolution #583 the FY14 Street Financial Report.  All ayes.  Carried.

City clerk Schneider discussed with council Plover has inquired if she would like to clerk for them also.  Currently Rolfe clerk is helping Plover clerk with setting up QuickBooks system and reports.  The plover clerk is resigning.  Clerk stated she wants to help them out, but worried about conflicting issues with writing grants, etc.  Council advised they prefer Rolfe clerk to be only the Rolfe Clerk, but encourage the clerk to continue helping the Plover clerk and new clerk.

Allen/Struve moved to adjourn at 7:28pm.  All ayes. Carried.

Julie Lancaster, Mayor


Angela Schneider, City Clerk