Minutes 12/01/2014

Rolfe Special Council Meeting/Public Hearing

Monday, December 1, 2014

Rolfe Community Center, 6:30pm


Mayor Julie Lancaster called the meeting to order at 6:30pm Council present Al Kuchenreuther, Tom Andersen, Joe Ramaekers and Carl Struve, absent Dan Allen.  

Mayor Lancaster called to open the public hearing at 6:33pm Chrystal Rasmuson from MIDAS explained the City of Rolfe CDBG housing public hearing on application for owner occupied rehabilitation

December 1, 2014. How the need for the proposed activity was identified; The need for this project was identified by citizens interested from the last rehabilitation program and the city council supports the need for Rolfe to pursue a housing rehabilitation project to address housing showing signs of major wear or in unsatisfactory condition.  To further determine the interest in the program pre-applications were sent out and approximately 23 pre-applications were returned from interested households. How the proposed activity will be funded and the sources of funds;

The City is requesting funding from Iowa Economic Development Authority (IEDA) Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Housing Fund Program to finance the project.  Homeowners may be required to contribute funds, depending on the cost of the rehabilitation.  The City will formally commit to contribute $3,504 toward the program. The date the CDBG application will be submitted; Before midnight on December 8, 2014. Requested amount of federal funds; The City will be requesting $298,488 in CDBG funds from IEDA. Estimated portion of federal funds that will benefit low- and moderate-income persons; 100% of the program funds will help low and moderate income persons in Rolfe.  Where the proposed activity will be conducted; The proposed project will be conducted on housing stock located within the city limits of Rolfe. Plan to minimize displacement of persons and businesses resulting of funded activities; No persons or businesses will be displaced because of this program. Plans to assist persons actually displaced; No one will be displaced because of the program no plans have been made. The nature of the proposed activity;

The activity will be to rehabilitate 8 single family, owner-occupied homes to the Iowa Minimum Housing Standards as established by the Iowa Economic Development Authority.

The person(s) authorized to receive and respond to citizen proposals, questions and complaints concerning proposed or funded activities;Shirley Helgevold, MIDAS Council of Governments, 602 1st Avenue South, Fort Dodge, IA  50501, (515) 576-7183 ext. 212, shelgevold@midascog.net

The person(s) available and able to provide technical assistance to groups representing low- and moderate-income persons in preparing and presenting their proposals for the request and use of federal funds. MIDAS Council of Governments, 602 1st Avenue South, Fort Dodge, IA  50501, (515) 576-7183 ext. 212, shelgevold@midascog.net. With no written or oral comments Mayor closed the public hearing at 6:43pm. Kuchenreuther/Struve moved to approve Resolution #588, Commitment of funds for the submittal of a community development block grant (CDBG) application for housing rehabilitation.  All ayes. Carried. Ramaekers/Kuchenreuther moved to adjourn at 6:50pm.  All ayes. Carried.


Julie Lancaster, Mayor


Angela Schneider, City Clerk