Minutes 04/13/2015

Rolfe Regular Council Meeting

Monday April 11, 2015

Rolfe Community Center, 6:30pm

Mayor Pro Temp Al Kuchenreuther called the meeting to order at 6:30pm.   Council present Al Kuchenreuther, Dan Allen, Tom Andersen, Joe Ramaekers and Carl Struve.  Mayor Julie Lancaster arrived at 6:35pm. Ramaekers/Kuchenreuther moved to approve the consent agenda including agenda, 3/9/15 & 3/11/15 minutes and bills and five building permits. All ayes. Carried.

De Sindergard gave the treasurer’s report.  Andersen/Struve moved to approve the treasurer’s report.  All ayes. Carried.

Mayor welcomed new gas superintendent Tony Higgins. 

Clerk will be gone April 15 – 17th for conference. Possible gone April 21st for jury duty.  Clayton energy has purchased natural gas for next winter at very good prices and is in storage.

Council comments – Carl Struve - neighbors might be building without building permit, dog licensing issue.  Tom Andersen –vacant lot with numerous garbage - Mayor has sent notice to property owner.  Struve also commented on a house with no utilities.

Citizen comments – Frankie Barnett and Dan Peterson – addressed council about having 6 chickens and 1 rooster.  Council would like more research on the rooster will be placed on next month agenda.

Mayor stated one complaint form received concerning the above mentioned trash.

Ramaekers/Struve moved to approve liquor license for Rolfe Rodeo and Saddle Club.  All ayes.  Carried.

Stacy Lentsch from Midas presented the multi-jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan.  Discussion on plan looks good.  Andersen/Allen moved to approve Resolution #593 a Resolution of the Rolfe City council Adopting a Hazard Mitigation Plan for Rolfe, Iowa.  Ayes: Struve, Kuchenreuther, Allen, Ramaekers and Andersen.  Motion carried.

Nick Frederiksen from I & S Group –Water plant repairs DNR is requiring construction permit to finish project in 2015 cost will be $387,000.00 with no grant money available for  2016 cost is $361,000.00 an can apply for grant money. Tank has stopped leading at this time.  Struve/Kuchenreuther moved to approve the 2016 schedule.  All ayes.  Carried.

Mike DeWolfe representing the Golf course addressed council on hooking up to city water and asking if city can help with costs.  Total estimated cost at this time is $5,247.75.  Discussion on member assisting with money, city needs to check into legalities with council members also being club members.  Address at next month meeting.

Mayor read the Pocahontas County Hometown Pride Proclamation naming April Keep Rolfe Beautiful Month.

Council reviewed phone quotes from Northwest Communications.  Two of city lines cannot be changed, Northwest does not have service at those locations.  Andersen/Struve moved to switch phone lines over to Northwest Communications.  All ayes. Carried.

Street Sweeper is in need of repairs.  Allen/Andersen moved to have Elliot Equipment come to Rolfe and repair sweeper.

Pool we are going to keep it open this year if we receive enough lifeguards.  Need to  have  support from the community to keep open in the future. 

Mayor explained letter from De Sindergard about being able to fill in at city hall.  Discussion on working with De, and if she can’t be there city hall will be closed.

Kuchenreuther/Andersen moved to set clean up days for April 27th and 28th.  All ayes. Carried.

Ramaekers/Struve moved to adjourn at 7:51pm.  All ayes. Carried.

Julie Lancaster, Mayor


Angela Schneider, City Clerk