Minutes 07/11/2016

Rolfe Regular Council Meeting
Monday July 11, 2016
Rolfe Community Center, 5:30pm

Mayor Pro-Tem Tom Andersen called the meeting to order at 5:30pm and took roll call. Council present Jon Wellik, Pat Sheda, Carl Struve, Dan Allen and Tom Andersen.
Allen/Wellik moved to approve consent agenda including bills, corrected 6/13/16 & 6/29/16 minutes and building permits for Burns and Sauter.
No Treasurer’s report. Struve commented on mowing ordinance. Andersen commented on a very good Greater Rolfe Days.
Struve/Sheda respectively accepts the resignation of the Mayor Julie Lancaster. All ayes. Carried.
Robert Taylor has expressed interest in the Mayor vacancy. Discussion with Mr. Taylor. Council chose not to appoint at this time and wait for next council meeting.
NW Comm. moved to next meeting.
Allen/Wellik moved to remove the city special from the building for Terresa Ives at 405 Garfield St. All ayes. Carried.
Nick Frederiksen gave update on water plant project. Filter and aeration in on Friday. Working on roof this week. Working on a change order for the new support beams.
Struve/Allen moved to approve pay request No. 1 in the amount of $160,692.50 to Krudico, for water plant project. All ayes. Carried.
Allen/Struve moved to let Alex Leu write the municipal infraction on the Vigdal Property. All ayes. Carried.
Struve/Allen moved to approve Nancy Duitscher to the Library board. All ayes. Carried.
Allen/Struve moved to approve Resolution 616 setting wage for Terri Kipfer, Library Director to $10.50 an hour. Ayes: Allen, Wellik, Struve, Sheda and Andersen.
Allen/Wellik moved to approve Resolution 617 setting wage for Cassandra Lenz, assistant/children Librarian to $10.00 an hour. Ayes: Sheda, Struve, Allen, Wellik and Andersen.
Allen/Sheda moved to approve Resolution 618 directing clerk to publish notice of hearing on the adoption of the proposed “Code of Ordinances of the City of Rolfe, Iowa. Ayes: Struve, Sheda, Allen, Wellik and Andersen.
Allen/Wellik moved to renew EMS Coordinator Contract. All ayes. Carried.
Clerk has signed up for academy July 27th – 29th, part time clerk is now unable to watch city hall. Council directed clerk to close City Hall those three days.
Discussion on Fire/Ambulance department not having access to highway due to parked cars on street. Wellik/Allen moved to approve Ordinance No. 207 an Ordinance amending the Code of Ordinances of the City of Rolfe, Iowa by amending the provision pertaining to section 69.08 No Parking Zones. This includes no parking on Grant Street on the west side and east side from Broad Street to Walnut Street. Ayes: Allen, Wellik, Sheda and Andersen. Nays: Struve. Carried.
Allen/Wellik moved to waive the second and third reading of Ordinance No. 207. Ayes: Wellik, Allen, Struve, Sheda and Andersen.
Struve/Sheda moved not to pay support fees for the Sensus metering system. All ayes. Carried.
Allen/Sheda moved to turn junk vehicles/junk over to Alex Leu. All ayes. Carried.
Struve/Sheda moved to adjourn at 6:17pm. All ayes. Carried.

Julie Lancaster, Mayor


Angela Montag, City Clerk