Minutes 09/12/2016

Rolfe Regular Council Meeting
Monday September 12, 2016
Rolfe Community Center, 5:30pm

Mayor Lancaster called the meeting to order at 5:30pm and took roll call. Council present Pat Sheda, Dan Allen and Carl Struve. Absent Tom Andersen and Jon Wellik.
Struve/Allen moved to approve consent agenda including agenda, bills and 8/8/16 minutes. All ayes. Carried.
Allen/Struve moved to approve treasurer’s report. All ayes. Carried. Councilman Tom Andersen arrived at 5:34pm.
Councilman Allen commented on the cleanup at Vigdal building. No other comments. City clerk commented that we had a tree inventory taken of city trees, but report is not finished yet.
Mayor commented on letter she received from Iowa Professionals Academy for clerk’s commitment participation in academy to provide sound, competent and professional administration for the citizens and thanks the Mayor and Council for supporting continuing professional education.
Citizen comments – De Sindergard commented on dogs barking and running loose in her neighborhood. Also commented on her water filters are plugging up more frequently. Sandvig is working with Engineer to try to find a solution.
Glenn Markley told council of his attendance to ceremony where Hometown Pride Committee received the Governor’s Volunteer Award. City will display in case in hallway.
No representation for County Trail.
Received a quote for tuck-pointing at the water plant exterior. Struve/Allen moved to obtain a second quote and approve the better bid. All ayes. Carried.
Allen/Andersen moved to approve Ordinance #208 and Ordinance amending the code of ordinances of the City of Rolfe, Iowa by amending portions of Chapter 69, “Parking Regulations”. Ayes: Andersen, Struve, Sheda and Allen. Carried. Allen/Andersen moved to waive the second and third reading. Ayes: Andersen, Struve, Allen and Sheda. Carried.
Iowa codification recommended passing the following ordinances from the last legislative changes.
Andersen/Allen moved to approve Ordinance #209, by amending provisions pertaining to Litter, Ordinance #210, by adding a new subsection pertaining to Lien Exemptions, and Ordinance #211, by amending provision pertaining to interference with official acts. Ayes: Allen, Struve, Andersen and Sheda. Carried. Struve/Allen moved to waive the second and third reading for Ordinances #209, #210 and #211. Ayes: Sheda, Andersen, Struve and Allen. Carried.
Andersen/Struve moved to set cleanup day for October 10th and 11th. All ayes. Carried.
Council reviewed Annual Financial Report. Allen/Struve moved to approve the AFR. All ayes. Carried.
Discussion on race/stock cars, when does it become a junk vehicle. When not being raced car should be on a trailer or an enclosed structure. Allen/Sheda car not enclosed or on trailer when not racing to give 30 days’ then start the nuisance abatement procedures.
Allen/Sheda moved to start removal procedures for junk and junk vehicles for Clark and Boeckholdt/Martin. All ayes. Carried.
Allen/Sheda moved to adjourn at 6:15pm. All ayes. Carried.

Julie Lancaster, Mayor

Angela Montag, City Clerk