Minutes 10/10/2016

Rolfe Regular Council Meeting
Monday October 10, 2016
Rolfe Community Center, 5:30pm

Mayor Lancaster called the meeting to order at 5:30pm and took roll call. Council present Dan Allen, Jon Wellik, Carl Struve and Tom Andersen. Absent Pat Sheda.
Struve/Andersen moved to approve consent agenda including agenda, bills and 9/12/16 minutes. All ayes. Carried.
De Sindergard gave treasurer’s report. Andersen/Struve moved to approve treasurer’s report. All ayes. Carried.
No council comments. Clerk commented city has court on October 10th and she will be at conference October 19th – 21st. Mayor commented that residents that are abusive to city staffed will be asked to leave or law enforcement will be called. Sarah Munson with the Freedom Gals asked why the Iowa Flag wasn’t being flown at Sunset Ridge. The Freedom Gals pay for the flags and would like both flown. Council stated both flags will be flown. Two complaint forms on dogs Mayor has sent letters.
Nick Frederiksen with I & S Group gave up date on water situation. The new filter is not being able to oxidize the natural occurring manganese in water system. Spoke with contractor and manufacturer; they need to address issue to bring our water quality up to standard. Nick reiterated the water is safe for consumption. Will do a trial with a pump to put sodium permanganate into the system to clear out the manganese.
Struve/Wellik moved to approve pay request No. 3 in the amount of $7,695.00 to Krudico, Inc. All Ayes. Carried.
Wellik/Struve moved to approve Resolution No. 620 setting public hearing for November 14th at 6pm in the Rolfe Community Center for Codification. Ayes: Allen, Wellik, Struve and Andersen. Carried.
Allen/Andersen moved to approve housing payables for CDBG housing grant, MIDAS – General Admin (October 2015 – September 2016) – Total Cost - $11,823, CDBG - $10, 521.00, City - $1,302.00, MIDAS – Technical Services (October 2015 – September 2016) – Total Cost - $3,082.00, CDBG - #3, 082.00, MIDAS – Housing Inspections (June 2016), Total cost - $2800.00, CDBG - $2800.00. Total Cost - $17,705.00, CDBG - $16,403, City - $1302.00. All ayes. Carried.
Andersen/Wellik moved to approve furnace rebate in the amount of $325.00 to Esther Sinek. All ayes. Carried.
Discussed nuisance abatements sent for junk vehicles. Council advised Alex Leu to work with property owner. O other action taken at this time.
Andersen/Struve moved to adjourn at 6:15. All ayes. Carried.

Julie Lancaster, Mayor


Angela Montag, City Clerk