Minutes 02/13/2017

Rolfe Regular Council Meeting Monday February 13, 2017 Rolfe Community Center, 5:30pm Mayor Julie Lancaster called the meeting to order at 5:30pm and took roll call. Council present Dan Allen, Jon Wellik, Pat Sheda and Tom Andersen, absent Carl Struve. Allen/Wellik moved to approve consent agenda including agenda, bills and 1/9/17 & 1/19/17 minutes and building permits. All ayes. Carried. De Sindergard gave treasurer’s report. Andersen/Sheda moved to approve report. All ayes. Carried. No council, clerk, mayor or citizen comments. Only one noise complaint. Nick Frederikson with I & S group gave report on water plant change order and pay request. Andersen/Sheda moved to approve change order #2. All ayes. Carried. Sheda/Wellik moved to approve pay request #4 in the amount of $13,366.67 to Krudico. All ayes. Carried. Andersen/Sheda moved to approve the renewal of the RAMS Event Center liquor license. All ayes. Carried. Kelly Jepsen the new County Auditor introduced herself and spoke with council. Council thanked Auditor for coming. Richard Kittleson consulting arborist for the DNR gave report on the tree inventory of Rolfe. There were 667 trees inventoried in the right of way and parks. Suggested a management plan for possible EAB infestation and plan for removal or treatment and maintenance for other trees. Council thanked Mr. Kittleson. Mayor called to open the public hearing on the FY18 Budget Estimate at 6:00pm. There were no verbal or written comments on the proposed budget. Mayor closed the public hearing at 6:02pm. Allen/Wellik moved to approve Resolution #622 approving the FY18 Budget Estimate. Ayes: Andersen, Sheda, Wellik, and Allen. Carried. Two bids on a new payloader one from Murphy in the amount of $124,900 after trade in and the other from Ziegler in the amount of $134,202.93. Matt Johnston represented Ziegler and discussed their product. Council discussed the loaders and the need for the city. Sheda/Allen moved to purchase the John Deere from Murphy In the amount of $124,900.00 with trade in and transfer monies from the gas fund to pay for new payloader. Ayes: Wellik, Allen, Sheda and Andersen. Carried. The Pocahontas Police Department has a retired police vehicle they are willing to trade for the remainder of the inventory of the Rolfe Police Department. Sheda/Andersen moved to trade equipment for the car. All ayes. Carried. Discussion on snow removal of business sidewalks and blowing snow into streets. Sheda/moved it is the responsibility of each business to remove their own snow and Code enforcement will be directed to other snow issues. All ayes. Carried. Wellik/Sheda moved to approve Ordinance #214 by adding a new Chapter 24 Code Enforcement Officer. Ayes: Andersen, Sheda, Wellik and Allen. Carried. Andersen/Wellik moved to waive the second and third reading of Ordinance #214 by adding a new Chapter 24 Code Enforcement Officer. Ayes: Allen, Wellik, Sheda and Andersen. Carried. Sheda/Allen moved to approve Ordinance #215 amending the code of ordinances by amending Chapter 50 Nuisance Abatement Procedures. Ayes: Wellik, Andersen, Allen and Wellik. Carried. Allen/Wellik moved to waive the second and third readings Ordinance #215 amending the code of ordinances by amending Chapter 50 Nuisance Abatement Procedures. Ayes: Andersen, Sheda, Allen and Wellik. Carried. Clerk discussed with council attending the Pocahontas County Leadership Series. Let clerk know if any members are interested in attending. Council discussed changes to provisions in the parking regulations and ATV/snowmobile changes in the Rolfe Code of Ordinances. Clerk will make amendments to ordinance for review and approval for next regular council meeting. Sheda/Allen moved to adjourn at 6:54pm. All ayes. Carried. Julie Lancaster ATTEST: Angela Montag, City Clerk