Minutes 04/10/2017

Rolfe Regular Council Meeting

Monday April 10, 2017

Rolfe Community Center, 5:30pm

Mayor Julie Lancaster called the meeting to order at 5:30pm and took roll call.  Council present Dan Allen, Jon Wellik, Pat Sheda and Tom Andersen.

Allen/Sheda moved to approve consent agenda including agenda, bills, 3/13/17 minutes and building permits for Joe Tiernan and Lynn Johnson. All ayes. Carried.

Wellik/Andersen moved to approve Treasurer’s report. All ayes. Carried. Council comments: Visited plant where new payloader was built.

The City of Rolfe would like to thank the Pocahontas County Sheriff Department for their diligence and dedication, especially in the last few weeks. Mayor stated clerk will be gone for training Aril 19th – 21st, clean up days May 15 & 16, City has begun issuing Nuisance letters. No citizen comments: Complaint forms on noise/barking dogs, 2nd letter will be sent out with follow up in two weeks.

Unfinished business: Nick Frederiksen gave update on water plant.  Rep from Tonka water be here end of April.

New Business:  Andersen/Allen moved to accept the Resignation of Councilman Carl Struve.  All ayes. Carried.

City Hall received Letters from Nick Graham and Al Sroufe for their consideration for the vacancy.  Mr. Sroufe was present at meeting, Mr. Graham was not present. Wellik/Andersen moved to appoint Al Sroufe to the vacancy until the next regular election.  All ayes. Carried.  Mayor Lancaster gave the Oath of Office to Al Sroufe.  Al Sroufe took his seat at table at 6:03pm.

Rolfe Library wants to change board members, discussion if needs to be on ballot, need to check with League of Cities.

Sheda/Wellik moved to approve Resolution 623 Hometown Pride Program.  Ayes: Allen, Wellik, Sroufe, Andersen and Sheda. Carried.

Mayor Lancaster read the Pocahontas County Hometown Pride Proclamation.

Discussion on street light resolution.  Change to 108 Watt LED.  Sroufe/Sheda moved to approve Street Light Resolution 624.  Ayes: Andersen, Sheda, Allen, Wellik and Sroufe. Carried.

Mayor passed out Pocahontas County Trails Mater Plan brochure and will put one in the display case.  Some discussion.

Sheda/Allen moved to adjourn at 6:35pm. All ayes. Carried.