Minutes 05/01/2017

Rolfe Special Council Meeting

Monday May 1, 2017

Rolfe Community Center, 6:30pm


Mayor Julie Lancaster called the meeting to order at 6:30pm and took roll call.  Council present Dan Allen, Jon Wellik, Pat Sheda and Al Sroufe. Absent Tom Andersen.  Mayor gave recap of events.  Due to the resignation of Carl Struve a council vacancy occurred.  There were two residents that showed interest in council vacancy.  At The April 10th meeting council voted to appoint Al Sroufe to the vacancy for the remainder of the year.  On April 24th a petition was filed with the City Clerk’s office for a special election which will cost the taxpayers $1200.00 - $2000.00.  Election will take place June 13th with the elector serving a six month term.

Allen/Wellik moved to direct City Clerk Angela Montag to notify County Auditor’s office of the petition for a special election.  All ayes. Carried.

Petition for Special Election can be viewed at City Hall during open hours.

Sheda/Allen moved to adjourn at 6:38pm. All Ayes. Carried.