Minutes 05/08/2017

Rolfe Regular Council Meeting

Monday May 8, 2017

Rolfe Community Center, 6:30pm


Mayor Julie Lancaster called the meeting to order at 6:30pm and took roll call. Council present Dan Allen, Jon Wellik, Al Sroufe and Tom Andersen. Absent Pat Sheda. Wellik/Allen moved to approve agenda, bills and minutes with the correction to the 5/1/17 minutes. All ayes. Carried. No treasurer’s report. Mayor commented she has sent out several nuisances and be sending more. Received one complaint form on loose dog. Water Superintendent Dave Sandvig gave update on water plant. Met with engineer, DNR and manufacturer and the numbers are where they need to be now. Allen/Wellik moved to approve the Rodeo liquor license. All ayes. Carried. Safe Have Animal Shelter gave an update of the facility costs and numbers of times assisted in Rolfe. Allen made a motion to approve a $1000.00 donation. Discussion on how shelter has assisted Rolfe. Allen withdrew his motion. Wellik/Andersen moved to approve a $1500.00 donation to Safe Haven Animal Shelter. All ayes. Carried. Allen/Srouve moved to approve Rolfe Housing Payables requisition #2 including, MIDAS – Housing General Administration – Total Cost - $947.19, CDBG - $947.19, MIDAS- Housing Technical Services – Total Cost - $1996.63, CDBG - $1996.63. All ayes. Carried. Clerk explained any changes in Library Board needs to be a public measure voted on citizens. Andersen/Wellik moved to approve the Library Board going forward with public measure. All ayes. Carried. Discussion on weed control at parks. Sroufe/Allen moved to hire Aaron Orwig as an independent contractor for $500.00 plus 10 gallon of weed killer to spray all of parks. All ayes. Carried. Discussion on the change of Park and Recreation Board member numbers, due to lack of members showing up for quorums. Allen/Andersen moved to approve Park and Recreation change in number of Board members. All ayes. Carried. Wellik/Sroufe moved to approve Ordinance #217 an ordinance amending the code of ordinances of the City of Rolfe, IA, by decreasing the number of Park and Recreation Board from seven members to five members and changing the composition of the Park and Recreation Board. Ayes: Allen, Wellik, Sroufe and Andersen. Absent: Sheda. Carried. Next reading June 12th, 2017. Citizens were asked to leave due to upcoming closed session. Mayor Lancaster called to go into closed session Allen/Wellik moved to enter closed session at 7:19pm per Iowa Code Section 21.5(1)(j) on discussion of proposed sale of real estate. All ayes. Allen/Wellik moved to close the closed session at 7:25pm. All ayes. Andersen/Sroufe moved to direct City Clerk to proceed with procedures to sell a portion of city owned real estate. All ayes. Carried. Allen/Andersen moved to adjourn at 7:27pm. All ayes. Carried.