Minutes 11/13/2017

Rolfe Regular Council Meeting

Monday November 13, 2017

Rolfe Community Center, 5:30pm

Mayor Julie Lancaster called the meeting to order at 5:30 pm and took roll call.  Council present Dan Allen, Jon Wellik and Al Sroufe. Absent Tom Andersen. Wellik/Allen moved to approve the consent agenda including agenda, bills, and corrections to 10/9/17 minutes.  All ayes. Carried. De Sindergard gave treasurer’s report Allen/Sroufe moved to approve treasurer’s report. All ayes. Carried. 

Jon Wellik asked for a way to get the after hour’s number out to residents.  Mayor suggested adding shop number to city hall phone, and posting number at various locations.

Mayor appreciated everyone who voted and looks forward to working with new council.

Nick Frederikson with I & S group talked to council about the water plant and final paperwork on project.  Wellik/Sroufe moved to approve payment #5 final contractor’s payment.  All ayes. Carried.

Allen/Sroufe moved to approve Statement of Final Completion and Owner’s Acceptance of the work.  All ayes. Carried.

Mayor read Ordinance No. 218 an Ordinance amending the Code of Ordinances of the City of Rolfe, Iowa by amending Chapter 110.04 Customer Connection fee for Gas and Chapter 92.08 Customer Connection Fee Water. Wellik/Allen moved to approve the third and final reading of Ordinance No. 218.  Ayes: Sroufe, Wellik and Allen. Absent: Andersen. Carried.

Tom Andersen joined the meeting via speaker phone at 5:54pm.

Allen/Wellik moved to approve liquor license for Rolfe Area Market.  All ayes. Carried.

Josh Murray with Alliant Energy. Came to give an update to the council. Discussion that they have found no cause for the power outage this am.

No nuisance abatements at this time.

Discussion on snow removal on Des Moines Avenue. Scraping and removing the snow is tearing up the streets.  Wind rowing would be better.  Council directed to wind row Des Moines Avenue like the other streets.  Discussion with vehicles on the street during snow removal, safety issues. Continue to ticket or tow the vehicles.  Mayor suggested putting sign up at locations on snow ordinance procedures and review next meeting.

Rick Johnson with the RAMS event center they would like to put a garage on the back side of music room.  Maybe turn it into a goodwill.   Discussion on events, membership and roof repair.  Bring what they think they might need to budget workshop.

Mayor read first reading of Ordinance No. 219 an Ordinance amending the City of Rolfe, Iowa, by amending Chapter 41.14 (Fireworks).   Andersen/Wellik moved to approve first reading Ordinance No 219.  Ayes: Andersen, Sroufe, Wellik and Allen.  Carried.

Discussion on budget workshop.  Workshop set for Thursday, January 4, 2018 at 5:30pm.

Mayor explained to council that city employees did not take Friday, November 10th off for Veterans Day, they had too much to do.  Would like to float their Veterans Day Holiday over to the day after Thanksgiving.  Wellik/Sroufe moved to allow Veterans Day Holiday to float over to the day after Thanksgiving.  All ayes. Carried.

Councilman Dan Allen turned in his resignation for his current seat. Wellik/Sroufe moved to respectfully accept the resignation of Councilman Dan Allen.  Ayes: Andersen, Wellik and Sroufe. Carried.

Discussion on the written interest in council vacancy from Rob Taylor, Nick Graham and Dan Allen.  Mayor suggested to take the fourth highest vote winner from the election which would be Dan Allen. City Clerk explained that since Dan Allen has resigned to his current position the highest non-incumbent candidate with is Jim Sandvig will take his council seat 47 days early. Discussion. Wellik/Sroufe moved to appoint Dan Allen to fill the Vacancy left by Pat Sheda.  Ayes: Andersen, Sroufe and Wellik. City Clerk will give oath of office to Dan Allen and Jim Sandvig in City Hall after November 14th.

Wellik/Sroufe moved to adjourn at 7:10 pm.  Ayes: Andersen, Sroufe and Wellik. Carried.

Julie Lancaster, Mayor


Angela Montag, City Clerk